Collective memory for transformative experiences.


loob.labs was born out of the need for a collective storytelling laboratory. Our spaces need narrative lubrication. We need an interface to remember our shared experiences – at our nightclubs, at our temples, in our homes.



the first of its kind, gen-AI powered, conversational AI for narrative interfacing and co-integration. 



humans are narrative beings. we make sense of the world through the stories we tell about it.



through reimagining the art of journaling, loob provides a technological solution to the growing meaning crisis.


Co-create with us

OPEN beta coming soon

loob.labs, a seks initiative, is a generative AI driven collective journaling interface developed originally to address the growing challenge of psychedelic experience integration, particulary in urban settings. with an emphasis on collective insight and community-driven engagement, loob.labs offers a unique medium for users to share, reflect on, and visualise both their personal journeys and those of their community.

loob, the app-arm of loob.labs, combines retrieval augmented generation with cross-LLM integration to introduce a new method of collecting privatized anonymous feedback for event organisers (our architects), offering actionable insights, while gamifying, ritualizing and helping integrate experiences for end-users (our players).

at the heart of our mission is a commitment to commugenesis, challenging the prevailing notion that healing is a solitary journey. by building trustworthy, accessible, decentralized infrastructure that encourages shared analog experiences in an increasingly digitised world, we are advocating for a paradigm shift towards a gloobal deprivatization of stress and data.

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